At the Durbanville Yoga Centre we teach Hatha Yoga, which is a type of yoga based on energy.

"Hatha" means sun/moon, male/female, creative/receptive, warming/cooling, body/mind, positive/negative

Hatha Yoga consists of:

  • asanas (postures with the mind's attention)
  • pranayama (breathing practices designed to warm and cool, energise and calm)
  • relaxation techniques
The end result is to create body and mind so steady and harmonious, that they are resistant to time and disease.

Apart from regular yoga classes we also offer:
  • Beginner's Course
  • Teachers' Training Courses
  • Remedial Yoga private lessons for those not strong enough to attend a regular class. In these sessions, a programme is drawn up for the individual, whose progress is monitored until he/she is strong enough to join a class.
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Studio space for rental
We invite you to come and connect with us.

There are Beginner's and Intermediate Classes throughout the week:

Class Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday
Morning 09:00-10:15
General Class
Beginners' Class
Intermediate Class
General Class

Teachers' Training Course
Evening 18:15-19:45
General Class
Beginners' Class
Intermediate Class
Please note that no classes are held on public holidays.

Sandra started the Durbanville Yoga Centre in 1992, when yoga classes in the Northern Suburbs were very few and far between.

The venue was the Durbanville School of Dance building next to the old Synagogue in Gladstone Street and the first students attending numbered 7 in total! The student numbers grew steadily, and, in 2004, Sandra and her husband built our present premises at 6 Camelia Street in Wellway Park East.

The intention was to provide a permanent home for yoga practitioners and to have a venue for Teacher Training Courses, the latter proving very successful. Most of the Yoga teachers offering classes in the Durbanville area have graduated from this training course, which was first offered here in 2002, and continues to be well supported almost every year.

This Course is based on the training which was offered for many years in the 1980's and 1990's at the Ananda Kutir Ashram in Rondebosch where Sandra studied and attended classes for 6 years.

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